Monday, May 30, 2011

Millhaven Cottage

I live in a town called Millhaven
And it's small and it's mean and it's cold
But if you come around just as the sun goes down
You can watch the whole town turn to gold
It's around about then that I used to go a-roaming
Singing la la la la la la la lie
All god's children they all gotta die ... - Nick Cave and the Badseeds

Millhaven Cottage by October Rust

Millhaven Cottage is low prim living at it's most elegant. At only 21 prims this home is almost entirely sculpted, without loss of quality or atmosphere.

The home can be veiwed at the new October Rust store here:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Roots and All...

Beautiful new trees have arrived at October Rust! More detail and fewer prims, these new trees are only 2 prims - roots and all!

They are available in 4 sizes, from small to tree-osaur and in a wide range of colours, including blood, blue, autumn, purple and even green.

See them at the October Rust display sim Duskwood

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prices Slashed!!

October Rust is having a weekend tree sale and reducing the price on some older builds.

No-copy Trees are reduced to just 50L (in Duskwood only.)

Some of the older builds reduced in price include:

The Abbey

Deadwood: The Gem (designed a a retail outlet)

Victorian Gothic

...and many more,
all reduced by 25 to 50%

October Rust Dusk

Monday, June 1, 2009

October Rust Display Sim

October Rust's display sim, Duskwood, has returned to the grid. Now you can see a selection of October Rust builds set in idyllic surroundings. Accompanied by October Rust trees, gazebos and other garden products.

Like most October Rust products trees are low prim while keeping them realistic, they are a perfect balance of prim saving and realism, each tree is only 6 prims.

October Rust homes incorporate the prim saving properties of sculpts, to save on prims and add detail. Some of the newer builds are almost entirely compose of sculpties.

The new sim is a gorgeous place to visit. See it in would at Duskwood

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting my crows out for the lasses

O Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson
Why you close up shop so late?
"Just fitted out a girl who looked like a bird
Measured .32, .44, .38
I asked that girl which road she was taking
Said she was walking the road of hate

But she stopped on a coal-trolley up to New Haven
Population: 48"
Crow Jane Crow Jane

Crow Jane Ah hah huh

Your guns are drunk and smoking

They've followed you right back to your gate
Laughing all the way back from the new town
Population, now, 28
Crow Jane Crow Jane - Nick Cave

I don't often show much skin, not because I'm a prude but because I like clothes too much. As in real life I love to layer on clothing. But, when your favourite clothing designer makes a line of tattoos what else can one do but flash those manboobs.

Lovely hand-drawn inking from Silent Sparrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Agarwaen Sapling Freebie

the boatman calls from the lake
a lone loon dives upon the water
i put my hand over her
down in the lime tree arbour

the wind in the trees is whispering
whispering low that i love her
she puts her hand over mine
down in the lime tree arbour
- Nick Cave

The Agarwaen trees from October Rust have born fruit and produced seeds for a new generation. Come and get your free Agarwaen Sapling! Just come to the October Rust store and click the giant nut (no, not me, the seed!).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Graveyard

Rattle his bones
Over the stones
It's only a pauper
Who nobody owns

I was inspired by Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book' to build a graveyard loosely based on Bod's Graveyard. Fans of the book will find and few clues hidden about.

The graveyard includes: The old chapel, 14 grave markers, 4 trees, copy pews, copy fencing and 2 candelabra. It does not include Silas, sorry, he kept running off.

Swans Sing Before They Die