Friday, March 28, 2008

Dusk - Gothic, Fae and Fantasy land for rent.

New Land For Rent!

October Rust and friends are offering beautiful residential land for rent in their new sim, Dusk.

Dusk is a gothic, fae, fantasy and medieval sim. Plots surround an enchanting fae grove, this is a common area for all residents to share. It includes, dances, cuddles, intemate animations and is a delightful place to explore or just a peaceful place to catch your breath.

Plots available include 2048 and 4096 sqm. Our aim is to provide a beautiful living environment at a reasonable cost.

Rental land is very similar to purchased land, you are free to rezz your homes, terraform and build gardens as you would on purchased land. The main difference is there is no need for a lump sum land purchase and there is no resale of the land - once your rental period expires, the land reverts back to the Dusk island owners group.


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