Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beloved - Silent Sparrow

"It's colder than before, The seasons took all they had come for. Now winter dances here. It seems so fitting don't you think To dress the ground in white and grey..." - VNV Nation: Beloved.

...And so hyasynth dresses us is shades of black. Beloved, the new outfit from Silent Sparrow and possibly the best male outfit evah!

The level of detail in this outfit is breath taking, the intricate lace and exquisite shading combine to produce an amazing garment. The quality and crasftspersonship just shines, or it would if its blackness wasn't absorbing all light ;) What I love about this is the detail and care that has gone into a delicate outfit for males, we don't see it in SL enough! Although, Silent Sparrow has produced many quality outfits for bois in the past and my wardrobe would be severely lacking otherwise. I can personally attest to the care that has gone into this outfit's construstion - I was hya's guinea pig for the fitting, even though she was rude about my height, 'You're a monster!' it fits like a dream.

I'm wearing it here with the optional 'blood' shirt. The only change I had to make was combining the collar and cravat to attach to the chest to free the back for my wings, a change most wing challenged folk wouldn't have to make.

Oh, I almost forgot, it's available for women too ;)

Silent Sparrow

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