Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dusk - Land to Rent

We currently have several plots vacant in Dusk.

Each plot is a square 4096m plot, 937 prims with rental price of L$1700 per week, with a minimum of 4 weeks required. 2048 size plots can be created if you are after something smaller.

Dusk is a gothic, fae, fantasy, country victorian, dark age sim... basically anything green and lush. Dusk is home to Faeries, Vampires, Fauns and other wondrous folk.

The center of the island is a large elven garden, reserved as common space fo all residents to enjoy.

Our rental land is very similar to purchased land, you are free to:

  • Name your plot
  • rez your home and buildings
  • terraform and build gardens as you would on purchased land
Dusk is a full class 5 sim (not an openspace/homestead/void). A copy of the covenant for the island is available by clicking on one of the "For Rent" signs.

IM Severina Dollinger or Azazeal Whitfield for more info or visit the island and have a look around.


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