Monday, May 26, 2008

Caught on the Thorns

"Caught on the thorns... ...of life agin..."

I thought when Silent Sparrow released 'Beloved' that it was going to be sometime before a mens outfit of such quality would surface again. How wrong I was... less than two weeks on Silent Sparrow released 'Thorns'. Thorns is jaw droppingly wonderful - I honestly haven't taken it off since it was released, well only to change colours ;)

It picks up from where Beloved left off and adds a whole new dimension of sophistication and beauty.

Silent Sparrow have released a special free version on the magic chair - It's a combination of Beloved and Thorns in blue, it's without a doubt one of the best freebies around. It really is worth picking up.

The outfit is also available in a women's version.

I'm wearing Thorns with the latest release for First Flower, Wolfsbane, high quality sculptured boots for MEN! Highly detailed with baked textures, many straps and buckles. The design is loosly based around riding boots. Like all First Flower releases, they contain no annoying walks, sounds or bling.

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