Friday, May 2, 2008

Utterly Useless from October Rust

Occasionally people ask why I make things. Primarily, I make things because I like to, the items I make are for my own enjoyment, for friends or to see if I can achieve something. I'm happy that others enjoy my items and I've been able to set up my small shop. Many items never see the light of day, or are given to friends, or just lie around my home.

So, here are a few of said, utterly useless items.

Paying homage to my favourite brewery, Wychwood. It's a barrel, but it's only 1 prim!! It does absolutely nothing and is in effect... utterly useless.

A collection of utterly useless barrels! But look at that tap! Not bad for 1 prim!

A bottle of Blackwych stout! No anims, it's just meant to sit around and use up a prim.

I was bored one evening and decided to make this for a friend. It just sits there, using prims and looking good, but it's largely useless!


Winter Jefferson said...

Never apologise for the act of creation. Sometimes things need to be brought into being just "because." The more beauty you can stuff into either world the better.

That sewing table is breathtaking, my grandmother had one just like it!

Azazeal Whitfield said...

Thank you Winter. I wasn't really apologising, just poking fun at myself really :)

We had a sewing machine similar in my parents home. As a child I would just sit at it and play.. I'm lucky I never lost a finger! ;)